HSE asbestos ebulletin

Issued: 6 December 2023

Asbestos is the greatest cause of work-related deaths in Great Britain. Around 5,000 people die every year from asbestos-related diseases which typically take decades to develop and cannot be cured. HSE has refreshed its guidance on asbestos to help you protect yourself and your workers.

Refreshed asbestos guidance.

The HSE website has been updated to simplify the navigation, to help you easily find the information you need, remove outdated content and replace it with up-to-date, refreshed guidance.

The updated webpages include the following improvements:
Introduction to asbestos safety. A step guide explaining: the dangers of asbestos, where you can find it and identifying if it is present how to comply with the law, depending on your job role how employers should carry out a risk assessment training and information for work involving asbestos. It also summarises how to decide if a licensed asbestos contractor must do any work.

View: Introduction to asbestos safety Duty to manage asbestos in buildings. Guidance for the person who has a legal duty to manage asbestos in a building – the duty holder. They must protect people from the risks of exposure to asbestos. This includes people who: work in their buildings use them in other ways.
The step guide includes guidance on what the legal duty is, training for duty to manage, who the duty holder is, depending on the type of building etc. what the duty holder must do selecting a competent asbestos surveyor and checking the accuracy of the survey report examples of how asbestos can be managed new templates and examples of an asbestos register, a site plan and an asbestos management plan.

Read about: The duty to manage asbestos in buildings. A workers’ guide to asbestos safety Guidance which explains what workers and their employers must do to protect themselves and others from asbestos.
It includes what workers should do if they think they have found asbestos and workers most likely to come across asbestos.

Find out about: A workers’ guide to asbestos safety This includes videos summarising the guidance for workers. Locations of asbestos and taking the right action. This webpage includes an image gallery that can help you identify asbestos in typical locations and take the right action to minimise exposure. For each asbestos product type, the page explains where they are found, what they look like and who can work on them.

Find out about: Locations of asbestos and taking the right action